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Creating a Better Community...
LolaKydnex improve lives by leading and supporting exceptional initiatives and mission-aligned organizations in Canada and around the world.
Our Mission
Our Vision is to create an enabling environment to enhance diversity and help community development through advocacy and support for education, sustainability, cares, research for development and community enrichment.
These extraordinary events combine educational tours and a two-day leadership conference, tackling significant global issues
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LolaKydnex's Digital Litracy Program helps to expand economic opportunity for everyone
Digital skills play a powerful role in helping people connect, learn, engage with their community, and create more promising futures. This course help individuals gain the digital skills necessary to engage in a digital economy and improve livelihoods. participant learn how to effectively use devices, software, and the Internet to collaborate with others and discover, use, and create information.
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LolaKydnex is creating an ecosystem that stimulates tech entrepreneurship and fosters economic growth. We develop global programs that equip entrepreneurs, inspire innovation, and allow us to share resources.
Support for Newcomers
Services offered by LolaKydnex are unique - based upon the needs of our clients. All information about clients is kept fully confidential.
Every immigrant, refugee or asylum seeker (individuals and families) has an Intake Interview to identify their needs.
Services are identified to align each person or family with the appropriate services and people to support their needs. 
Staff Person
A staff person or volunteer connects clients with appropriate services or other organizations that best fit their requirements. 
Educational Tours & 
Leadership Conference

Our Immersive Tour + Leadership Conference


These extraordinary events combine educational tours and a two-day leadership conference, tackling significant global issues like climate change in places where they come to life. 


You and your students learn from experts in Canada and local students. You will work together to design and present unique solutions to global issues. Each Summit empowers your students today to start becoming leaders of tomorrow.

Networking for Black Founders
No upcoming events at the moment
We create events aiming to pear to the voice for children and gather for support. Please update with our events and confirm you presence.